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Master Studies


Study program of master academic studies in Mechanical Engineering contains all the elements defined by law. The content of the study program, rules of the studies, rights and obligations of students, as well as other issues relevant for the implementation of the study programs are published each year as a separate publication in printed and electronic form.

The master study program of academic studies in Mechanical Engineerin belongs to the field of Engineering and Technical Sciences. The study program lasts for one year and it awards 60 ECTS credits and the the academic title of "Master in Mechanical Engineering".

Conditions of admission to the program and other elements of the study program and study regime are prescribed by the Statute and the Rules of the student enrolment in the study programs of the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.

The study program includes mandatory common subjects of all modules and four optional modules as follows:

  • M1 - Computer aided machine design,
  • M2 - Production engineering,
  • M3 - Automatic Control, robotics and fluid techniques,
  • M4 - Power engineering and Environment protection.

Each of the modules has its mandatory and optional courses.

Teaching methods depending on the type of instruction and exercises and may be active teaching (lectures, consultations, mentoring), independednt student learning, colloquia, examinations, professional practice and student research, preparation of master thesis and other methods, with the accents on the active participation and personal involvement of students in the learning process through permanent contact with teachers and colleagues. Exercises may be oral, experimental and computer aided. Part of the exercises may be organized in the surrounding factories or other facilities. Lectures, exercises and mentoring are held according to a fixed schedule every week of a semester.

Each course awards a corresponding number of credits. The first semester are awards 30 credits and master thesis is made during the second semester and awards 12 credit, while the professional practice brings 3 credits and student research work awards 15 credits. Master studies in Mechanical Engineering are considered as completed when a student meets all the requirements stipulated by the program of the studies and was awarded at least 60 credits.


The purpose of the master study program in Mechanical Engineering is to educate students in accordance with the needs of society. The program provides acquisition and adoption of necessary and useful knowledge, professional skills and competencies needed for qualified and successfully performed professional assignments of an engineer within Serbian and world labour market, as well as to provide basis for continuing education within a broader educational area.

The purpose of the studies is that students think critically in the engineering profession, to gain analytical and synthetic cognitive skills, to learn about the scientific and research methods of work, and to implement them in course of individual research work and master thesis preparation.
With the accomplishment of this study program are educated engineers with master in Mechanical Engineering, possessing the commitment and competence, in the European context and beyond, as well as the knowledge and ability to follow the latest developments and trends in the subject areas of study program.


The objectives of the study program are focused on gaining specific academic skills and competencies in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The objectives are that students (at the level of master academic studies) gain knowledge and specific cognitive and intellectual skills, which they will be able to apply and integrate the multidisciplinary context in solving mechanical engineering problems of research and development.
The objectives of the study program are to enable students to:

  • understanding of the technical - technological problems and issues in the practice of mechanical engineering, their consideration, analysis, formulation and communication to professionals and the general public;
  • unbiased and research based approach to problems by creative application of system approach;
  • understanding of the impact of engineering and technology to the working environment, the society and the environment;
  • abstract way of thinking that is able to apply the resolution of the case;
  • communicating in their native language and English;
  • work in teams;
  • gaining insight into ethical aspects of profession of a mechanical engineer;
  • work in an international and multicultural environment.

A specific objective of the study program at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo is raising awareness among students about the need for continued education, lifelong education and self-education, about the needs for the development of a good society and the imperative of environment protection.


Students who complete their master studies in Mechanical Engineering are competent to deal with specific problems from the practice of mechanical engineering as well as (if they wish) to continue their education. They have expanded and deepened fundamental knowledge from the previous level of study that enable them further development, application of ideas, and even small-scale research. They are competent to implement, integrate and use knowledge and skills in solving problems of mechanical engineering in the existing and new environments, including their personal, social and ethical responsibility. Are trained to clearly and unambiguously communicate their own results and conclusions based on exact and operational knowledge and rational reasons both to expert and to general public. Graduates of the study program are trained in the skills of learning and adopting new methods and methodologies for self-direction, organization and achievements in their further expanding of knowledge and skills in practice, as well as for continuing education.


The expected outcomes of graduates of the study program are:

  • mastery of specific knowledge and skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering, according to the regulations of the European Union and the intentions of "Bologna process";
  • thorough knowledge and understanding of scientific disciplines of the selected module; ability to solve practical problems by applying mechanical engineering professional procedures and scientific methods;
  • ability for oral and written presentation of the results of their work, able to use information - communication technologies; they have mastery of methods and tools for analysis, synthesis, design, organization and management of production;
  • ability of teamwork and dedication to ethical behaviour by the principles of engineering ethics; tracking novelty and innovation in the profession;
  • pursuit of economic production and rational use of natural resources of our society according to best professional and ethical beliefs, respecting the principles of sustainable development;
  • consideration of mechanical engineering problems in the context of broader economic, organizational, social - ethical, environmental relations.


Study program of master academic studies Mechanical Engineering, is realized during a period of four semesters or two years, and awards 120 credits. This program of study is a logical continuation of the study program of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.

Study program of master academic studies Mechanical Engineering consists of four modules:

  • M1 - Computer aided machine design,
  • M2 - Production engineering,
  • M3 - Automatic Control, robotics and fluid techniques,
  • M4 - Power engineering and Environment protection.

During the first and the second semester, students have two common subjects for all modules, and professional practice is provided in the second semester and is closely related to the field of the selected module. Each module has its own mandatory and optional courses. Some mandatory courses are common, while some optional courses common for multiple modules. The optional content of modules varies from 25% to 30%, depending on the module. The fourth semester is intended for preparation of master thesis, which should have subject area of one of the courses.
The Book of Courses, which is the part of the Report of study program of master studies presents the following data on each of the courses: title, the semester in which the course is taught, prerequisites, objectives, learning outcomes, course content, suggested literature, methods of implementation of instruction, the number of contact classes and hours of individual student work, the methods of assessment and grading the knowledge of a student.


The study program is consistent with the modern world scientific developments and the state of the profession in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and is comparable to similar programs at foreign institutions of higher education, namely:


On approved or accredited master degree program of academic study, candidates may enrol under the terms and conditions prescribed by the Law, the Regulations on student enrolment in degree programs at the University of Kragujevac, Statute of the Faculty and the Rules of the student enrolment in the study programs of the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.

The decision of the contest for enrolment into degree programs that are offered at the Faculty is made by the Senate of the University of Kragujevac at least five months before the start of the school year, or until 25 April for the following school year. Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo, based on its material and human resources may enrol in the first year of master studies up to 64 students.

In the first year of master academic studies - master, may be enrolled a person who has completed the relevant basic studies (the relevance is established by the program of the studies) and has been awarded at least 240 ECTS credits.

The study program or the Faculty Council, by its decision, determines which undergraduate programs appropriate for further studies in the study program. The Council may form a commission that will give its opinion on the possible needs for additional program contents that must be mastered when students if and undergraduate program is not considered as appropriate.

The order of candidates for admission to the first year of master academic studies shall be based on successful completion of the previous studies and is defined by the Regulations on student enrolment in the study programs of the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.
For each year of the studies there is one representative from among the teaching staff and the Commission to make contact with students in order to reveal problems quickly and efficiently resolved.


Student success in mastering of a course subjects is continuously monitored during classes and is expressed in points. Pre obligations are defined program of study, and are part of the mastery of knowledge in the area covered by the program of the subject.

Teaching is done through lectures and interactive work with students, be sure to include examples from practice, and to encourage students to think and creativity, autonomy in operation and practical application of acquired knowledge. Teacher records students' attendance and their interest in the records for the monitoring and recording of teaching, which is expressed through the points of each student's exam prerequisites.
Pre obligations are attending class lectures and exercises, active participation in all forms of teaching, term, design work, presentation, project assignment, professional practice, tutorials, colloquia and other obligations set forth in syllabus. Preceding duties with a minimum of 30 and maximum of 70 points. Fulfilling exam commitments and taking exams a student can earn a maximum of 100 points. The results obtained in the pre-exam activities are entered in the index.

Testing knowledge students performed on the exam in each subject. The exam is optional and unique and is taken in the manner prescribed program of study each subject: orally or in writing or orally and in writing. During the examination can be checked, and practical knowledge to students. All other duties and activities related to the pre-examination and examination obligations defined in the Regulations on the rules of studying the second grade of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo, the Ordinance on the conditions and the way of examination and evaluation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo. The overall success of students in the subject expresses itself from grade 5 (failed) to 10 (excellent).

Tracking of students and improving the quality of learning defined by the Rules for Quality Assurance. Special analysis refers to the compliance evaluation methods and level of acquired knowledge and skills of students in relation to the objectives, content and scope of the study program. Teachers are responsible for assessing students during professional adhere to the highest ethics in the work of the university, that they are objective, ethical and have a fair relationship with each student. This means that the teacher is required to request the student or any other entity to make available the results of tests, assignments, etc.. on which the student assessed.

The results of analysing the success of students in an academic and scientific faculties and more on the basis of the analysis of activities are needed to improve the quality of the studies.


For the realization of the study program of Master studies in Mechanical Engineering are hired 24 teachers and 17 assistants. Since the number of teachers 8 is a full professor, 9 as an associate professor, 6 assistant professors, and a language teacher. Number of teachers and staff in permanent employment of full-time study program meets the needs and standards of accreditation. Teaching staff have the necessary scientific, artistic and professional qualifications appropriate to the education of science. Scientific and professional qualifications and duties of teachers can be seen in the Book of teachers.


To perform the study program are provided appropriate human, physical, technical, technological, library resources that are appropriate to the nature of the study program and the anticipated number of students.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo has a total area of 4828 m2, with 3 facility at the discretion of the Municipality of Kraljevo use historical archives. Faculty uses 3932.44 m2. Classes are held in classrooms, amphitheatres, laboratories, computer classrooms. Classroom space containing seven classrooms with total area of 401.19 m2, two amphitheatres total area of 254.8 m2, three computer laboratories total area of 172.05 m2. Total space for teaching is 1404.96 m2 .The library occupies 39.69 m2 with 8485 library items.
The faculty has implemented an information system, as part of a unified information system of Serbian Universities, whose structure makes local UTP networks with three nodes and 108 connections.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo conduct periodic quality checks according to the provisions of the Strategy for Quality Assurance and Quality Rules. The periodic self-evaluation must include the results of student surveys. Assessment shall be conducted at least once a year.

With the results of the self-evaluation and quality assessment to meet teachers and staff, students through the Teaching and Research Council session, the students through the Student Parliament and the public as a self-evaluation report and the quality assessment published on the website of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.


Distance learning is not organized.

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