Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo


Bachelor Studies


Since 2014, the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo has different structure of bachelor studies programs of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Nevertheless, the concepts of academic years remained the same at both programs. Each academic year starts on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following year, and consists of two semesters, Autumn and Spring semester. Each semester consists of 15 weeks of teaching and two examination terms. One semester awards 30 ECTS credits, and within the last semester, student is required to complete a graduation thesis.


Teaching process is organized in subjects, and each subject is taught during one semester. All kinds of student activities during the semester, such as colloquia and homework assignments, enter the final grade, and the final examinations are taken during five examination terms, namely: January, April, June, September, and October. Conditions for admission to the following year of study are prescribed by the new Law on Higher Education and expressed in terms of the ECTS credits.


Students can apply for two study programs:

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Building Engineering

The study program in Mechanical Engineering program is carried out independently by the Faculty and lasts for eight semesters, awarding 240 ECTS credits.

Study program in Civil Building Engineering is performed as a joint degree program in collaboration with the Faculty of Technical Sciences of University of Novi Sad. The study program lasts for six semesters and brings 180 ECTS credits.


Having passed all the exams, the student and a mentor select a topic for the graduation thesis, and the student performs the work under supervision of the mentor. Upon completion of the thesis in written form, the student has to perform oral presentation and defense of the thesis in front of the three-member Committee, composed of professors from the Faculty, appointed for the task by the respective Department.


After the successful defense of the graduation thesis, the student receives the B.Sc. degree in the respective field of engineering, thus qualifying for master studies.


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