Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo


National Projects

Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo in period 2011-2015 participates in the following national projects:

Title: Mechanics of nonlinear and dissipative systems - contemporary models, analysis and applications
ID: ON174016

Title: Problems of nonlinear analysis, operator theory, topology and applications
ID: ON174025

Title: Increasing the energy efficiency of heat power plants by automatic control
ID: TR 33026

Title: Development of energy-efficient gasification of biomass and cogeneration
ID: TR 33027

Title: Sustainability and improvement of mechanical systems in the power production and transport using forensic engineering, ecological and robust design
ID: TR 35006

Title: Development of equipment for pilot training and flight dynamic simulation of modern combat aircraft and the 3-axis spin and 4-axis machine for pilot spatial disorientation
ID: TR 35023

Title: Development and application of methods and laboratory equipment for conformity assessment of technical products
ID: TR 35031

Title: Development of a new construction of excavator bucket for continuous operations with integration of modular cutting elements
ID: TR 35037

Title: Research and development of new concepts of connection between movable and non‑movable structures of construction and transport machinery
ID: TR 35038

Title: Development of methodologies and means for noise protection of urban areas
ID: TR 37020







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