Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo


The Centre for Thermal Technique and Environment Protection

Centre for Thermal Technique and Environment Protection operates within the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.

The Centre consists of two laboratories, Laboratory for Thermal Technique and Environment Protection and Laboratory for Noise. It was accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia according to the standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006.

The Centre for Thermal Technique and Environment Protection is authorized by the relevant Ministries of the Republic of Serbia for measuring the emission of pollution components in the area and measuring of noise.

The Centre has modern measuring equipment and professional staff for abovementioned activities.


  • Development of new energy efficiency systems for heat and electrical energy production
  • Development of new systems for combined production of heat and electrical energy
  • Substitution of gas fuel from solid ones by the methods of gasification and pyrolysis
  • Increase of energy efficiency in energy production and expenditure
  • Design of systems for renewable energy use (geothermal, solar, biomass energy, wind energy and water energy)
  • Development of systems for environmental protection (protection of air, water, soil)
  • Emission measurements and measurements for determining the energy plant balance


  • Development of system for increasing the energy efficiency of rotary furnaces for calcination of dolomite
  • Development of systems for intensification of heat exchange in glass industry
  • Increase of the utility degree of water cooling plant (cooling tower)
  • Development of systems for gasification of biomass with the process of direct and counter-direct gasification
  • Rationalization of the use of heat energy using physical heat of condensates
  • Design of mini hydro power plants (water intake with coupled side drain)
  • Development of system for increasing energy efficiency in civil engineering
  • Absorption processes for eliminating the sulphur oxide


  • Computer gas analyser
  • Device for determining the solid particles concentrations
  • Digital automatic device for tracking and calculation of thermodynamic parameters of flue gases
  • Analytical scales

International projects

  1. Norveska pomoc Srbiji za sprovodenje politike energetske efikasnosti, izradu energetskog bilansa na lokalnom nivou i primenu Kjoto protokola, Project No. 2060336, (2006-2009)
  2. Studija o izgradnji kapaciteta Republike Srbije u oblasti strateskog planiranja u energetskom sektoru. Project No. 2070413, (2008-2010)
  3. Norveska pomoc Srbiji u uvodenju nove energetske politike i uspostavljanju energetskog planiranja na lokalnom nivou, Project No. 2070405, (2008-2009)
  4. Energetska efikasnost u Srbiji, World Bank Project, 2009.

National projects

  1. Razvoj energetski efikasnog postrojenja za gasifikaciju u kogeneraciju cvrste biomase, Reference No: TR 33027, (2011.-2014.)
  2. Povecanje energetske efikasnosti postrojenja za proizvodnju toplotne energije pomocu automatskog upravljanja, Reference No: TR33026, (2011.-2014.)
  3. Razvoj i primena rekuperativnog razmenjivaca toplote u mehanicki abrazivnim sredinama, Kraljevo 2002.

Projects with industry

  1. Razvoj postrojenja za bojenje i susenje proizvoda, Reference No: 232024, User: Company for Manufacturing of Metal Equipment "EKONOM" d.o.o. Usee,Project type: Research-Development-Demonstration (R, D and D) (2005.-2007.)
  2. Koriscenje geotermalne energije toplotnom pumpom za grejanje zavoda zavoda za specijalnu rehabilitaeiju „Agens" u Mataruskoj Banji, Project No: 300027, User: Clinic for Specialized Rehabilitation „Agens" in Mataruska Banja (2003. -2005.)
  3. Primena konvektivno-zracnog rekuperatora za koriscenje otpadne toplote staklarske peci, Project: EE 302-70B, User: „Bela stena" Baljevac on Ibar, (2001.-2002.)

The most important prototypes, products, services, strategies and methodologies


  • Convective heat recuperator Prototypes and products:
  • Heat exchanger (gas-gas)
  • Recuperation heat exchanger in glass industry
  • The direction reactor for biomass gasification


  • Service of measuring the emission of burning products
  • Elaboration of material and heat balances of energy facilities and plants for environmental protection (air protection)'
  • Elaboration of energy revisions in civil engineering
  • Elaboration necessary for studies mini hydro power plant


Prof. Dr. Vladan Karamarkovic

Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Dositejeva 19, 36000 Kraljevo, Serbia

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