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Visit of our staff to Bialystok in Poland

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From May 9th – May 13th our Teaching staff was in Poland at Bialystok University of Technology through academic mobility within Erasmus+ program.

Assistant professor Dr. Rade Karamarkovic had two lectures in front of students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bialystok University of Technology.

Teaching Asistant Mr. Slobodan Todosijevic also had two lectures, first in front of PhD students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and second in front of Teaching staff from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Theoretical Electrotehnics and Metrology.

Teaching Asistant Mr. Nenad Stojic took part in „International Trainig Week“, which was occurring simultaneously with other activites at Bialystok University of Technology.

Besides lectures, our Teaching staff had presentation of the University of Kragujevac in front of a large audience, and together with participants from other countries, took part in numerous activities: workshops, sightseeing of campus and laboratories, and in other formal and unformal events.

Rade Karamarković, Slobodan Todosijević and Nenad Stojić owe a debt of gratitude to their hosts and hope that they will be able to give back hospitality as soon as possible.

Special thanks to his host – Professor Jaroslaw Makal owes Slobodan Todosijevic for the day spent in Hajnowka, where he attended The International Festival of Orthodox Church Music. That day, the most of his time he spent with Belarusian girls choir and hereby he wants to thank them for a friendly and nice atmosphere.


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